Love is in the Air

When I think of December, Christmas is the overwhelming focus for the month. Yet, what does that mean? The thought of Christmas brings up lots of emotions and thoughts for me, from joy and family to responsibility and shoulds, from overwhelm to wanting simplicity. This time of year I can easily get swept into the commotion of doing instead of being, of consuming too much whether it is food and beverages or material stuff. I frequently remind myself to stop and open into the space of Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Love, the expansion that sparked light into our world. To me, Christmas means awareness and awakening. It is joy and oneness. It is the release to allow the I Am presence of God to come through into form. It is hope, it is peace, it is joy in all forms. It is expansion and dreams and guidance. It is about Love, whether it is Love of self or another; or Love of God or existence; whether it is resinating in Love or projected Love, it is all about LOVE.

And for Christmas, I wish for each and every one of you, that your hearts are filled with Love, that your life is filled with Love, and that our world is filled with LOVE!

Merry Christmas

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