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It opens my heart to be Thankful!

It is the month of Thanksgiving and oh how I'm Thankful!

I am thankful for my family and friends that I love.

I am thankful for my health and my strong body.

I am thankful for feeling whole with the world and beyond.

I am thankful for the perfection of life as I live it.

I am thankful for the power I have to make choices.

I am thankful for my expanding heart and the ability to love.

I am thankful for the harmony that blends us all together.

I am thankful for the happiness I feel in the air.

I am thankful for the presence of now and its glory.

I am thankful I have found security and wisdom in my connection to spirit.

I am thankful that every desire unfolds in perfect time.

I am thankful for the beautiful people and material belongings that surround me.

I am thankful I am curious and searching.

I am thankful I come back to the basics and choose love in a crisis.

I am thankful I feel guided and that my questions are answered.

And most of all, I am THANKFUL everyday to be alive in this marvelous adventure, on the spinning-hurling ball we call earth.

Thank you Creator, Almighty Presence, Higher Self, God… For the experience of now.

I send Love and Joy to you all, Runi

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