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Autumn's in the Air

It's October again, the seasons seem to come and go so quickly any more. I always heard from my elders that time seems to speed up the older one gets. Something I never understood until I started experiencing it myself. I guess that makes me an elder. And is it because I am getting older that time seems to be going faster, or is it because the entire world is experiencing time as moving faster than before and the experience of time is just relative to my perception of the time in the past. Time doesn’t seem to be a constant. I definitely experience it at different rates at different times.

But, for now it is Autumn my favorite time of year. A period of maturity verging on decline. The time to prepare for a long sleep. The harvest before the slumber. In Autumn I love gathering vegetables from my garden and the cooling days. I love the smell of pumpkin pie and spiced apple cider warming on the stove. I love the sound of dried leaves beneath my feet. I love the feel of a cool breeze on my face and the snuggly warmth of sweaters and scarves. I love the taste of hearty stews and Grandmother’s cornbread. I love the romantic trance of a fire to be warmed by. I love the beauty of a light snow. I love the colors of gold and burnt red.

In the Autumn of one’s life, we are fully ripened, completely mature. I must not have reached the autumn of my life yet, because I don’t feel fully ripened. I still feel that there is something significant that I will do with my life that I haven’t even started yet. A new growth that hasn’t begun to bud. What that growth will look like, I’m not quite sure… Will it be a bloom, a fruit, a birth of a new star? Will it expand or contract will it be set free or controlled like a bonsai tree? Wherever life takes me, I am looking forward to a new adventure whether it is on the sea or in a breeze, whether it is with my hands in the dirt or my mind in the stars, life is a journey and a blessing to behold.

Keep the date open:

October 26th, 2017

I am the feature artist at:

The Comfort Crockery,

402 Seventh Street

Comfort, TX 78013

Reception is 5-7 pm

Hope to see you there, Runi

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