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Since early childhood my life has been dramatically influenced by a family of artists, and my creative passion has never been more intense. I was born and raised in the beautiful vast prairies of Nebraska, in my late teens I moved to the mountains of Colorado. Colorado is where I met my husband, Pete, and we both had our first careers and raised our children. In the late 1990’s, we bought a beautiful sailboat, Mana Loa, and set off on a ten-year sailing adventure from Maine to South America and every island in between. We explored the darkest jungles of Central America, dove on the deepest, most pristine reefs in the Caribbean, and danced on virgin beaches in paradise. In 2007, we moved to a serene mountain valley in Montana where we live today. I’m very fortunate to have experienced some of the most beautiful places on earth, and I’m inspired every day to share my life experiences through my art.


I dearly appreciate your support of RuniArt Products.



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