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Welcome to RuniArt Products’ Card Bake FUN-raiser. Sharing dollars with noble efforts is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of our business.


To do that, RuniArt Products has developed the Card Bake FUN-raiser as an opportunity for organizations to stimulate a consistent flow of donation dollars at no cost to them.


It’s kind of like having a traditional ‘Bake Sale’ where WE provide the cup cakes, WE do the work and have the sale, and then WE donate a dollar to your group for every cupcake purchased.


Only in this case, it’s not cupcakes that we're selling, its premium quality note and greeting cards from RuniArt Products. 


Our Card Bake FUN-Raiser is perfect for:           


...Schools   ...PTA's    ...Business Organizations   ...Disease Research Foundations       ...Nature Conservation Groups   ...Service Clubs  ...Boys and Girls Clubs, just about any organization looking to generate a flow of donation dollars quickly, simply and with minimal effort.  


                                                                         Here is how it works:


First, simply enroll your organization in RuniArt Products Card Bake FUN-Raiser by providing some basic information. Just scroll down and click on the GET STARTED button below. 

RuniArt Products will provide your organization with an Exclusive Code to our website.

Then, your organization puts the word out about this donation effort by sharing RuniArt Products website URL along with your exclusive code with your group of supporters, via email, promotional flyers, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Every time anyone visits the RuniArt Products website and purchases cards using your exclusive code, we will donate one dollar to your organization for every card they purchase.

Think about it. People buy cards all the time. Almost every month has a holiday, a birthday or some other special occasion.

Your supporters are already buying cards, why not give them the opportunity to buy those cards from RuniArt Products so your organization can benefit.

This could mean hundreds, or thousands of donation dollars with little or no effort on your part. Leave the work to us.  We love it.

It really is a THREE WAY WIN…..

RuniArt Products sells cards…

Your supporters get to take advantage of tremendous discounts with our FREE Bonus card offers……

AND, your organization gets donation dollars each time someone purchases cards on our website using your exclusive code.

We so appreciate your interest in RuniArt Products FUN-Raiser and would love to help support your efforts. We wish you the very best.


RuniArt Products

Card Bake FUN-raiser

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